Hi and welcome to my personal website. I'm Gielxen;an internet cat interested in graphic design , web and game development (although I'm not good at either of them)
I created this site to improve my coding skills and gather the projects I work on.

She/Her 2005 INFP-T

More about me?

You can find me on:

Neocities profile

Random Facts:

I got interested in graphic design and web when I was about 11 by editing themes but never learned them properly till 2020.I'm also planning to learn JS in 2023.
It's quite obvious but English is not my first language and there might be plenty of errors in the texts. sorry in advance.
Gielxen doesn't mean anything! I just wanted a username to use anywhere without needing to alter it and no one used Gielxen.
I'm fond of psychological, gore and weird media such as weirdcore, dreamcore, breakcore music and horror RPG maker games.

Under construction
4/20/2023: New code in Projects/codes
3/21/2023: New code in Projects/codes
3/20/2023: New code in Projects/codes
3/14/2023: Projects, Links and Notepad are now available
3/8/2023: Finished the main theme

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